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Everybody gets a onesie.

Adult Onesies

Adult Onesies

Be the cutest at your party when you show up in one of our snuggly, adorable Onesies. Don’t blame us if you look downright huggable!

Children Onesies

KIDS onesies

Kids simply love romping around as Pikachu or one of their favourite characters! With our comfy Onesies, they can even stay in their alter egos the entire day.


When we say best Onesies, we mean two things. They have to look the best, and feel the best. Our Onesies are certified adorable by our in-house cuteness experts and are made out of quality fabrics that feel so comfy, you’ll want to stay as a unicorn just a little longer.

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look amazing

That’s the whole point right? We’ve developed a cuteness scale, a huggability scale and a fun-ness scale to make sure that you get the best looking Onesies.



To ensure that you can keep your onesie on as long as possible, our onesies have to go through the whole-day wear test. Only those that pass get to you!

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To us, Onesies are like our second skin. That means they have to last. Our durable fabrics are easily washable so you can wear them again and again.

Singapore weather? Not to fret.

We boast an array of onesies with different materials ranging from the warmer polyester fleece to get through your freezing air-conditioned nights, to the lighter pile and terrycloth materials suitable for hotter weathers and high-energy activities. 

Onesie Materials
Girl in Onesie Pyjama

Not just for parties

If you think you’re going to wear your onesie once, steal the show at a party, then hide it away until the next event, then you haven’t discovered the full amazing-ness of onesies.

Our onesies are also the perfect daily pyjamas. Imagine wearing a soft, cosy pillow to bed, now that’s what we call a good night’s sleep.

Our favourite onesies

We love all types of onesies, but here are some of our popular and favourite ones.

Boy in Pikachu Onesie

Pokemon Onesies

Who doesn’t want to be a pokemon? Now you can with our awesome pokemon Onesies.
Gotta catch’em all!

  • HUggability 80% 80%
  • cuteness 85% 85%
Girl In Pink Unicorn Onesie

unicorn onesies

There’s something magical about unicorns. Some say they don’t exist in real life, but they sure exist in ours, and now yours too!

  • fun-ness 90% 90%
  • huggability 80% 80%
Girl In Green Frog Onesie

animal onesies

Are you a lazy panda, a playful tiger, or a happy pig. Let out your inner animal personality with our range or animal onesies!

  • CUTENESS 85% 85%
  • Fun-ness 95% 95%

I always wanted to be a pokemon. My favourite is obviously charmander. He’s simply adorable.

Now my son loves charmander too! Look isn’t he cute?


– Mother of charmander
Boy in Charmander Onesie

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