About Us

We really love onesies, and this is our store to make it easy for everyone to get their onesies!

We are the only dedicated onesie shop in Singapore, and we’re determined to get you the cutest onesies at affordable prices.
We are always looking out for the next unique, trendy, special onesie design so that your onesie stands out at your party.
We’re crazy about onesies and we want to spread the onesie craze and make onesies popular in Singapore!

Our story

It’s really not easy to find a good onesie in Singapore. We’ve come across plain, boring Onesies. And Onesies that felt so warm and itchy, you had to take them off immediately. But we knew from experience that a fun, comfortable onesie made for a really great party. That’s why we decided that we just had to start our own onesie store in Singapore!

Even after a bad day, we find it almost impossible not to crack a smile once we see ourselves in ridiculous animal Onesies.

– Gideon Tan


Now, our mission is to bring you cute, interesting Onesies that are made of quality, lasting material so that you too can enjoy they same amount of fun that we have with our onesies!


smiles brought

Unicorns Discovered


cuteness guaranteed

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