Washing Your Onesie



It’s easy to wash your onesie! First, turn your Onesie inside out. Then, you can put it in your washing machine!

When you wash your Onesie for the first time, you should use the gentlest setting on your washing machine, as well as use cold water so that the colour will set. You may use any laundry detergent, and softener is also recommended to keep your onesie from feeling stiff after drying.

After the first wash, you can use the warm setting on your washing machine if you wish.


The best way to dry your Onesie is to simply hang them out to dry! In our hot Singapore weather, it will be dry pretty quickly within 1-2 days.

However it rains somedays too ): If you need to dry your onesie quicker, you can use the gentlest setting on your dryer, using either the “Air Dry” or “Fluff Air” setting. Try not to use hot air as that will cause some shrinking of your Onesie.

Do not use an iron on your Onesie! We want to keep it nice and fluffy, so to prevent wrinkles, you should hang it once it’s out of the dryer!